• Tickets on any airline; any destination in the World to India. Also from anywhere in the Wworld to India.
  • Round the world discounted fares, business and first class fares offer special deals.  These special deals are available only on certain airlines.  We have the expertise to work out the best possible route at the cheapest costs.
  • Domestic net fares on the various domestic airlines with minimum stay and advance purchased waived.  Almost all domestic Airlines in India have low fares if purchased 21 to 15 days in advance.  We help you avail these fares, without having to plan the booking in advance
  • Hotels and car reservation for individual as well as corporate clients. Hotel bookings are at competitive rates for the best located hotels.
  • Cars on hire from Hertz, Avis etc. Self or chauffer driven options at the best daily or weekly rates.
  • We offer passport and visa assistance to all our clients.  If you are tired or afraid of standing in long queues to submit passports, Windstar Holidays helps you with the necessary formalities


We also assist with visa formalities.**

**PLEASE NOTE: The Issuance of visas is the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate. We only offer guidance and assistance in submission and collection of documents. In case interviews are required by the consulates, the traveler will have to face the same and obtain visas.


The general requirements to obtain any visa are as under:

  • Passport should be valid for 6 month beyond the date of travel
  • Confirmed tickets,
  • IT paid chalans for the last 3 years (some consulates like UK insist on original)
  • Bank Statement of the last 6 months (the UK insists on originals) 
  • Covering letter requesting for visa and stating purpose of travel
  • Hotel confirmation (mandatory for European countries)